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AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G: Everything You Need to Know

aarp plan gWhy choose AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G? Chances are, you’ve heard of AARP or you may even already be a member. But did you know that AARP can also help with providing a Medigap plan that covers some or all of the expenses that original Medicare doesn’t cover? Insured by UnitedHealthcare, one of the largest insurance companies in the nation, AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are designed to help you choose the right mix of features and benefits that work with your budget.

What is AARP Plan G?

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of many Medicare Supplement Plans (also called Medigap Plans). These plans kick in where original Medicare (Parts A and B) leave off, helping to save you money in exchange for paying into them monthly. In most states, Medicare Supplement Plans follow standardized names like Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and so on, and all Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same core coverage. The differences come with price, quality of care and features available, which differ from company to company. As a voice for the retired for several decades now, AARP has made it part of their mission to help seniors get the medical care they need at an affordable rate. AARP Plan G is one of those types of plans that can provide a wealth of benefits to seniors without the high costs.

What Benefits Does AARP Plan G Provide?

You may have heard of Medicare Part F — the “everything” plan that covers all of the things that original Medicare does not, including things like co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles. Plan F is understandably popular for this reason, however, depending on where you live, the cost for Plan F may be too high. That’s where AARP Plan G steps in. Plan G covers everything that Plan F does, except for your Part B Medicare deductible. This could mean substantial savings while still getting access to the quality of care you’ve come to rely on from Medicare.

Can I Enroll in AARP Plan G If I’m Already in Plan F?

If you’re already enrolled in Medicare Plan F from AARP or another Medigap provider, you can change plans to the more affordable Plan G if you’d like. The good news is that if your Part B deductible has already been covered in Plan F for the calendar year, and yous witch to Plan G, you won’t have to worry about your Part B deductible coverage until the following year! And that’s just one of the many benefits that AARP Plan G provides. Many different insurance providers offer “Plan G” style coverage, so it’s understandable if you have questions about what exactly is covered and what the costs may be. Fortunately, The Health Exchange Agency is here to help you make sense of it all. We can research and comparison shop “Plan G’s” from AARP as well as other Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to help you get the best rate and all the benefits you’ve worked hard for.

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