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Aetna Advantage Plan

aetna advantage plan
Aetna Advantage Plan

Did you know that Medicare Advantage plans, such as Aetna Advantage Plan and Aetna MedAdvantage, are also called Medicare Part C? These plans, such as Aetna Advantage Dental and Aetna MedAdvantage, combine Medicare Parts A and B (also called Original Medicare) into a single comprehensive plan to meet all your needs. We are proud to offer Aetna Advantage Plan and Aetna Advantage Dental plans to all our customers.

There are many advantages to an Aetna Advantage Plan and Aetna MedAdvantage plans, compared to Original Medicare. This is why our customers prefer plans like Aetna Advantage Dental plan


Convenient Coverage with Aetna MedAdvantage and Aetna Advantage Plan

You probably know that Original Medicare in the US only offers two kinds of coverage: medical insurance and hospital insurance. However, keep in mind that if you would like additional coverage, you will have to buy Medigap for supplemental coverage and Medicare Part D for your prescription drug coverage.

With an Aetna Advantage Plan, all your coverage options are bundled in one convenient plan, which is why our customers prefer plans like Aetna Advantage Dental and Aetna MedAdvantage to meet their needs.


Personalized Plan Structures with Aetna Advantage Plan

Note that Medicare Advantage plans, such as Aetna Advantage Plan and Aetna Advantage Dental plan, offer different types of plans for your personal situation to better meet your healthcare needs. For example, if you prefer more provider freedom, a PPO or PFFS plan can be what you are looking for.


PPO vs. HMO Plans

Keep in mind that like standard health insurance, most Medicare Advantage plans, such as Aetna Advantage Dental and Aetna MedAdvantage, are mainly a combination of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Did you know that sixty-four percent of Medicare Advantage enrollees tend to choose HMO plans, such as Aetna HMO, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation; however, you may choose a different structure if you want if it better meets your needs.

Note that HMO plans typically require you to choose a primary doctor who will coordinate your care. A PPO, on the other hand, will allow you the freedom to see any doctor that you want.


Aetna Advantage Plan- HMO

With a majority of Aetna Advantage plans, such as Aetna Advantage Plan and Aetna MedAdvantage,   you can typically choose a primary care physician (PCP) who will help coordinate your healthcare within a network of hospitals and doctors.


Aetna Advantage Plan- HMO-POS

You will have the flexibility and convenience to see out-of-network healthcare providers for some services with most Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO-POS plans. Aetna Advantage Dental plans are great and our customers love them.


Simplify Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage

The great thing is that an Aetna Advantage Plan with coverage for prescription drugs provides you with integrated and convenient medical and pharmacy benefits if you are a retiree. And the discounts the company negotiates with the pharmacies will help you lower premiums and your cost-sharing as well, which is excellent.

Also, as part of CVS Health, the company can further simplify, personalize and serve its members with a combined and integrated portfolio of solutions so you can have peace of mind with plans, like Aetna Advantage Dental, that will take care of your dental needs as well.

An Aetna Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage offers you:

  • Coverage for a broad selection of top brand name and generic medications
  • Access to Aetna’s nationwide network of over 67,000 neighborhood pharmacies
  • Access to the amazing Aetna Specialty Pharmacy program, which is ideal for medications that require specific handling, like self-injectables or medications that need refrigeration


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