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Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans: Aetna Plan F

aetna plan fWhen it comes to Medicare supplement plans, you have lots of options. As one of the most popular health insurance companies, Aetna is a smart choice for all your healthcare needs. And if you’re on Medicare, you may be wondering what Aetna has to offer in terms of Medicare supplement plans.

What is Medicare Plan F?

Known as the “Cadillac” of Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Plan F is the ideal Medigap plan if you’re looking for a supplemental health insurance plan that picks up the tab where original Medicare (parts A and B) leaves off. This makes it the top choice to ensure that you have complete coverage when you need it most. And you don’t have to worry — if original Medicare approves the bill, your Medicare Plan F will take care of the excess.

In short, Medicare Plan F covers your Medicare Part A co-insurance and hospital costs up to an additional year after Medicare benefits are exhausted. It also covers your Part B co-insurance or co-payment. It takes care of your Part A and Part B deductibles as well as your Part B excess charges. Medigap plan benefits for Aetna Plan F also include Part A hospice care co-insurance or co-payment, skilled nursing facility care co-insurance as well as the first three pints of blood in a calendar year.

What many people don’t know is that Plan F also takes care of a foreign travel emergency, up to the plan limits, giving you peace of mind when traveling abroad.

Why Choose Aetna Plan F?

There are many different Medicare supplement plans that fall under the category of “Plan F”. So why consider Aetna Plan F as your Medigap plan of choice? Because, as one of the highest rated and trusted healthcare insurance providers, Aetna is a smart option for Medicare supplement plans. They offer several benefits beyond Medicare coverage, including healthy rewards and savings on a wide range of services.

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How Do I Know Which Plan is Right for Me?

The important thing to remember about Aetna Plan F is that it’s not the only Plan F Medicare Supplement plan out there. Plans vary by state as well as between providers. Although Aetna is well known and a top tier health insurance provider, you may discover that there are other options out there that are better suited to your needs and budget.

But rather than take your own time to research and compare plans, you can have us do it for you! Our knowledgeable Medicare Supplement plan experts will take the time to understand your needs and budget, and compare plans for you, including Aetna Plan F, so that you can get the best possible coverage for a price that won’t break the bank.