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Anthem Blue Cross Medicare

anthem blue cross medicare plans
Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans

About Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans

Medicare is a program designed by the US federal government to help older Americans and disabled Americans pay for the typically high cost of health care in the country.  However, note that Medicare was not intended to cover all of your health care costs. Hence, even if Medicare covers you, you are responsible for a huge percentage of your health care costs. This is why without Medicare Supplemental insurance, such as Anthem BCBS Medicare plans, your out-of-pocket expenses could add up to over $50,000 in a single year.  

About Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans

Anthem BCBS Medicare Supplements are simple to compare. This is because they all have the same standard benefit structure. Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans are labeled A to N, and you can choose any Anthem BCBS Medicare supplement plan that fills in the gaps in your Medicare that are most important for you. To be eligible for Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans, you have to be enrolled in Part A and Part B and also live in the state where the specific Anthem BCBS Medicare plan is being provided.  

Anthem BCBS Medicare Plans give you More Choice

According to law, Medicare Supplemental insurance in the US is standardized into 12 plans (Plan A through Plan L). And this means Plan F from one insurance company, such as Anthem BCBS Medicare Plan F, must include the same medical benefits and coverage as plan F from any other company. Although the benefits you get must be the same, note that each company’s reputation, rates, membership features and overall quality of service may vary. With Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans, you do not have to compromise comprehensive medical benefits and freedom-of-choice for plan affordability. Anthem BCBS Medicare Supplement insurance plans provide you with substantial benefits at competitive rates that can help save you money compared to other plans.  

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans- Member Benefits

Note that all Anthem BCBS Medicare Supplemental plans offer you the following:
  • Freedom to choose doctors and specialists of your choice
  • Guaranteed acceptance in Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans with no health questions asked
  • Guaranteed renewal regardless of any changes in your overall health
  • Coverage is guaranteed to match increases in Medicare cost year after year
  • In most cases, no claim forms
  • You can enjoy Blue Extras Discount Program, and this program includes discounts on many wellness products and health services, such as vision, weight management, fitness clubs, complementary alternative medicine, and hearing, etc.

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans

  • Anthem BCBS Medicare offers a choice of four Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans; these are Plan A,  Plan G, Plan F, and Plan N.
  • Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Plans F and G pay for your Medicare Part A co-payments and deductible, co-payments for the skilled nursing facility as well as emergency care for any foreign travel.
  • Anthem BCBS Medicare Plan K and Plan L are low-cost Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans. These plans require you to pay a slightly higher percentage of the expenses in return for lower premiums.
  • Anthem BCBS Medicare also provides basic Plan A, the plan that has the lowest benefits.

Anthem Medicare Supplemental Plan G

Anthem Medicare Supplement plan G has become a top-rated plan among our customers in recent years. This plan offers lower premiums as it doesn’t cover your Part B deductible.  

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