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Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO

anthem select hmo
Anthem Select HMO
If you would like one Medicare plan to meet your various health care needs and requirements, then Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO may be the answer. Anthem Select HMO provides you with unparalleled choice, convenience and flexibility in meeting your health care needs. These plans are great as they provide you with access to an extensive local network of doctors, dentists and hospitals. Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO also gives you access to a primary care provider (PCP) to help coordinate all your health care needs. Some plans also give you access to the various benefits of your HMO plan when you travel – and this includes in-network rates from many approved providers in the US. Some plans have a low or even $0 monthly premium, which is excellent. This is why many of our customers like Anthem Select HMO.  

Anthem Select HMO Statistics and Information

Keep in mind that Anthem Blue Cross (BC) is one of the independent licensees of the notable Blue Cross Association, also the registered trade name of the famous Blue Cross (BC) of California. And Anthem BC offers reliable healthcare coverage through Anthem Select HMO to over 8.2 million people in California. Their Select HMO plans are easily available to anyone, such as individuals and employing organizations, seniors as well as MediCal markets. Did you know that the Anthem Blue Cross is an extensive network that includes more than 320 hospitals?  

How to Find a Provider in Your Network

There are three main ways you can easily find out if a specific provider or facility is in this network’s plan. In addition, you can quickly find out where these providers and facilities are located along with details about their training and license. Here is what you can do:
  • See the plan’s directory of in-network providers. This provides a list of the doctors, facilities and providers that participate in your plan’s network.
  • You can call customer service and ask for a comprehensive list of doctors, facilities and providers that participate in your plan’s network, based on geographic area and specialty.
  • You can also check with your provider or doctor.
Moreover, if you need some help and guidance choosing a doctor or dentist who is best for you, you can call us, and we will guide you. We are available, and our service reps will get in touch with you to help you with your needs.  

Overview of the Insurance Carrier

Note that Anthem BC is a part of Wellpoint as well as a regional network of well-known Anthem BC Blue Shield plans. The company offers medical, vision and dental coverage in the US. With Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO, Anthem provides you both narrow and full network tiers. Note that you can select just one tier and any number of health insurance plans within that tier. Also, keep in mind that PPO plans offer you national coverage via the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. The best thing is that Anthem’s rates are quite reasonable in most parts of California, particularly for low-cost PPO plans.  

After Hour Care

Your doctor can have several amazing options to meet your needs in case you need healthcare after standard business hours. This makes Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO plans excellent for many people. With these plans, you can call your doctor’s office for any instructions if you think you will need care on weekends, in the evenings, or during the various holidays and cannot wait until the doctor’s office reopens.  

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