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Anthem Medigap Plans

anthem medigap plans
Anthem Medigap Plans
If you are looking for a comprehensive plan that can bridge the gaps in what your Medicare does not pay for, then Medicare Supplement plans, such as Anthem Medigap plans, do just that. They are a great way to supplement your Anthem Medicare plans. Anthem Medigap plans can help pay at least some of the remaining costs, such as your deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. If you are a senior, Medicare Supplement Insurance in the form of Anthem Medigap plans is one way to plan for some of these unexpected costs. You will pay a monthly premium for your insurance, and it will lower or completely cover your out of pocket costs for expenses, like deductibles, hospital stays, copays, and doctor’s appointments. This is why Anthem Medigap plans are popular with our customers and can provide additional coverage than Anthem Medicare plans. Some plans tend to offer more extensive benefits for your expenses, like international healthcare, which is excellent to supplement your Anthem Medicare plans. Note that the best time to sign up for Anthem Medigap plans is during your initial Medicare enrollment.  

Anthem Medicare Plans – Supplemental Coverage

Keep in mind that Medicare Supplements bridge the “gaps” that are not covered by Parts A and B of Original Medicare. It may be worth noting that these plans are standardized. This is why whether you go with Anthem Medigap plans or with any other carrier, you will get the same coverage to improve your Anthem Medicare plans. Letters A through N denote the ten plans. Keep in mind that that plans H, E, I, and J are not sold anymore. In addition, you should know that some names might sound familiar to you, like Medicare Part A or Part B; however, they are different from Anthem Medigap Plans A and Plan B. All Medicare supplement plans offer you different levels of coverage. However, note that each plan that is lettered will have the same standard benefits regardless of the location or the insurance company.  

Anthem Medigap Plans – Basic Benefits

The benefits that Anthem Medigap plans offer depend on the state you live in. Anthem Medigap plans cover at least some part of the following basic benefits. They are very beneficial when the coverage from Anthem Medicare plans runs out.
  • Co-payments or Coinsurance for Part A hospital care
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or co-payments
  • First, 3 blood pints that you use during a medical procedure

Anthem Medigap Plans

Plan A

Anthem Medigap Plan A offers you basic supplemental benefits. Note that it is an excellent option for you if you would like some coverage for various out-of-pocket expenses, but will not require the more comprehensive features that other supplemental policies offer. We are proud to provide Anthem Medigap plans, including Plan A. Therefore, if you do not see a doctor regularly, then Medigap Plan A might provide enough coverage to supplement your Anthem Medicare plans.

Plan G

We also offer Medigap Plan G by Anthem. This plan includes all the same benefits as Medigap Plan F minus the Part B excess charges that you may incur from your doctor’s visit. Note that this plan is one of the most popular Anthem Medigap plans. This is because the premium is lower, and the plan has plenty of benefits to supplement your Anthem Medicare plans.

Plan N

Anthem Medigap Plan N is the third most popular supplement plan. This is because it costs a little less than Medigap Plan G. This plan has a small co-payment for any emergency room visits as well as some regular office visits.  

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