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Anthem Part D Plans

anthem part d plans
Anthem Part D Plans

Did you know that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover your prescription drugs? This is the case unless your doctor prescribes the medications or drugs to you during your hospital stay. The good news is that Medicare Part D is available during the Medicare enrollment period. Medicare Part D is a standalone insurance plan for prescription drug coverage.


What Are Anthem Part D Plans?

Anthem Part D Plans are great as they offer you prescription drug coverage. Note that you may get Anthem Part D coverage via a standalone Anthem prescription drug plan or an Anthem Medicare Advantage drug plan. We provide you with Anthem Part D plans. Both plans are available from private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

Anthem Part D Plans are optional; however, keep in mind that if you do not enroll in Medicare Part D when you are eligible, you may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty for enrolling later. Your Anthem Part D Plans premium and other out-of-pocket expenses for your prescription drugs can vary from one plan to another.


How Many Medicare Plan D Choices Do You Have?

The good thing is that you can choose from dozens of different prescription drug plans wherever you live. These plans include standalone prescription drug plans, which you can use if you enroll in any traditional Medicare program. Also, note that regional and local Advantage plans combine drug and medical coverage in their benefits packages.


Who Is Eligible for Anthem Part D Plans?

If you are eligible for Original Medicare, Part A or Part B, you may sign up easily for a standalone Part D drug plan.


Anthem Part D Plans For Prescription Drugs

The great thing about Anthem is that the company offers three Medicare Part D plans, which is excellent. Many other companies in the US offer three or more plans; hence, Anthem is right up with the best in terms of choice.

If you are choosing between these three Anthem Part D plans, you have to look past their premiums.  Instead, consider which Anthem Part D plans are right for you—and the amount you will pay under certain plans. This mainly depends on the type of medications you take, such as heart medication.


Dual Category Drugs

Note that a drug category is a specific group of drugs. These drugs either treat the same medical symptoms or have similar effects on your body. All Medicare Part D plans, such as Anthem Part D Plans, must have at least two drugs from a majority of categories and have to cover all drugs that are available in these categories:


Anthem Medicare Part D Costs

You have to consider the coinsurance, copays, monthly premiums as well as deductibles across different Part D plans offered by Anthem, in addition to making sure that your medications are covered.


Medicare Part D Premium

Keep in mind that the average national monthly premium is $30 for ; however, note that plan D costs vary depending on the specific plan you choose and your location. In most cases, you will like to choose a plan D with low premiums in case it also has the lowest overall annual cost, including the costs of the prescription drugs you take.


Medicare Part D Deductible

Keep in mind that a plan D with a deductible will not pay for your prescription drugs until you pay your deductible amount out-of-pocket. Some Anthem plans offer $0 deductible and can pay for your prescription medication right away. In most cases, you will like to choose a plan D with no deductibles in case it also has the lowest overall annual cost, including the costs of the prescription drugs you take.

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