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Advantages of Medicare vs. Medigap & What is the Difference

What is the Primary Difference Between Medigap and Medicare? Original Medicare covers 80% of Medicare-covered services such as outpatient medical services, your doctor’s services, and supplies. However, Medigap covers some of the gaps that Original Medicare doesn’t pay for, such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. In this post, we will explore the benefits and advantages of Medicare and Medigap.   What is Medigap? Private companies sell this supplemental insurance policy that you can use along with Medicare Parts and Parts … Continue reading “Advantages of Medicare vs. Medigap & What is the Difference”

Can One Change Medicare Plans, And If So, How?

Medicare is a popular program by the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 years of age or older. However, it applies to specific younger individuals who have disabilities. If you have Medicare, you can switch from Original Medicare (Parts A & B) to Medicare Advantage (Part C) during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. However, you need to make some other decisions before you take this decision, depending on the type of coverage you choose.   How to … Continue reading “Can One Change Medicare Plans, And If So, How?”

What Parts of Medicare Do I Need?

Medicare is divided into four broad categories: Parts A, B, C, & D. Then there are the ten different kinds of Medicare supplement plans. But is it necessary for you to be enrolled in all of it? Medicare’s Parts and Supplemental Plans cover various services and benefits. They vary in fees, hospital and doctor networks that participate, availability, and other regulations, among other things. The following is a quick introduction to help you get more acquainted with them.   Part … Continue reading “What Parts of Medicare Do I Need?”

What is the Advantage of a Supplemental Health Insurance

What Is Supplemental Insurance? The average cost of healthcare in the US is above $1,000 per year. Due to escalating costs, many people want to add a supplemental policy to their basic comprehensive health insurance. Supplemental insurance is available from a broad range of insurers. Accidents, hospital, critical sickness, dental, and vision are just a few of the more typical causes of these insurance policies. Supplemental insurance may cover medical expenses not covered by your primary policy, such as deductibles … Continue reading “What is the Advantage of a Supplemental Health Insurance”

What Are The Negatives of A Medicare Advantage Plan?

Perhaps you’ve seen advertising for Medicare Advantage plans, which claim to care for all of your healthcare requirements at no additional expense to you. Coverage for prescription medications, dental and vision care, hearing aids, and even a complimentary gym membership are all options you may include with these plans. You’ve probably heard some criticism or concerns if you’ve been following these projects. What is the difference between Medicare Advantage and standard coverage? What makes them such a bad idea for … Continue reading “What Are The Negatives of A Medicare Advantage Plan?”

Advantages of PLAN N

A Medigap plan, Medicare Supplementary Plan N, is one of ten standardized Medigap plans offered in almost all states. Similar to other Medigap benefits, the plan may assist you in paying for some charges that Original Medicare does not cover, such as cost-sharing payments you may incur for hospital treatments or doctor visits. Like some other Medigap plans available in most states, Plan N provides standardized benefits. Regardless of location or residence, you will get the same essential benefits under Plan … Continue reading “Advantages of PLAN N”

Are You Eligible for Medicare Plan A and Plan B?

Are you looking for a Medicare plan? There are two types of Medicare plans offered by the government, including plan A and plan B. Both of these Medicare plans are not just for anyone and they come with a set of eligibility criteria that you must fulfill before you apply for either one of them. Let’s discuss what both of these Medicare plans are and if you fit their eligibility criteria:   Medicare Plan A Medicare part A is also … Continue reading “Are You Eligible for Medicare Plan A and Plan B?”

When’s the Best Time to Enroll for Medicare Health Plans?

Are you soon to turn 65? If yes, this is the best time for you to think about Medicare enrollment! Many people keep wondering about the best time to enroll in Medicare Health Plans and waste crucial time. To help you learn all about Medicare health plans enrollment and the best time to enroll, we have put together all the information you need. To answer your question simply, the best time for people to sign up for Medicare is the … Continue reading “When’s the Best Time to Enroll for Medicare Health Plans?”

Medigap Chart

It can be overwhelming to review all the Medigap options that exist in today’s marketplace.  If you’re looking for a reference guide that will help you determine the best options that suit your needs, we’ve got the right info for you. Using the Medigap Benefit Chart, you’ll be review exactly what coverage exists for something specific like skilled nursing care.  While all policies must follow Federal and State laws, they all may vary in terms of additional benefits they offer.  … Continue reading “Medigap Chart”

Changes with Plan F Medicare Coverage in 2020

Medicare Plan F benefits have been popular in the past and for good reason.   This comprehensive plan covers holes in the other plans that leave room for out-of-pocket expenses.   It’s no wonder as to why Plan F has been well favored by individuals that are enrolled in Medicare.   It also has rarely been discontinued by an enrollee.   This plan has guaranteed renewal and can never be cancelled based on your medical history or the incidents covered under this plan. The … Continue reading “Changes with Plan F Medicare Coverage in 2020”

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