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What is Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan F?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a number of Medicare supplement plans that help fill in the gaps left behind by original Medicare.

BCBS Plan F, a popular Medicare supplement plan option offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield goes beyond even traditional Medigap plans. Because of its broad array of coverage, it’s easily the most popular among Medicare recipients.

According to a report from America’s Health Insurance Plan, Plan F had over 6 million enrollees in 2014. With more and more people becoming Medicare-eligible, it’s easy to see why this plan is so attractive.

Let’s take a closer look:

BCBS Plan F: One Plan that Covers Everything

Medicare Parts A and B cover a lot of ordinary medical expenses, but there are some things they don’t cover. This is where a Medigap Plan F from Blue Cross Blue Shield steps in. A BCBS Plan F covers:
Your Part A Hospital Care Co-Insurance and Costs

Hospital bills can be outrageous, and the high costs of co-insurance and other related costs can take a bite out of your savings if you’re not careful. With a Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan F, these costs are covered, saving you money and giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Your Part A Hospice Care Co-Insurance or Co-Payment
Like hospital care, hospice care can also be quite costly. A BCBS Plan F can help ease the burden of these costs.

Your Part A Skilled Nursing Care Co-Insurance
Should you need skilled nursing care, original Medicare doesn’t cover the co-insurance costs, but a BCBS Plan F does.

Your Part B Co-Insurance or Co-Payment
Medicare Part B covers medical supplies that are necessary to treat your health condition. These can include things like medical equipment or ambulatory services as well as outpatient services. With these types of services there is often a co-payment or co-insurance which would typically be paid out of your pocket, but with a Plan F from Blue Cross Blue Shield, this is also taken care of.

Your Part B Deductible
In 2023, the Part B deductible is $226. A Part F plan can cover this cost, making it a very cost effective option if you’re looking to save money without missing out on the coverage options you want.

Your Part B Excess Charges

Other excess charges from treatment facilities, hospitals, health and wellness centers and clinics can add up quickly. A BCBS Part F plan can take care of these excess charges.

Your First Three Pints of Blood from a Blood Transfusion

If you’re involved in an accident or need a blood transfusion for surgery, the last thing you’re thinking about is how much it costs. You’ll be glad to know that the first three pints of blood from a blood transfusion are covered under Plan F from BCBS.

A Foreign Travel Emergency

No one likes to think about the possibility of becoming ill or injured while traveling in a foreign country. But should an emergency arise, you can feel confident that your Medicare Part F plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield can help.

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