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Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan G: What You Need to Know About This Affordable Plan G

Many people researching their Medicare supplement plan needs have heard of plan F — the “plan that covers everything”. But BCBS Plan G is another option you may want to consider. In short, it covers everything that Plan F does, with the exception of the Medicare Part B deductible. This deductible is currently locked in at $240. Now here’s where things get interesting. Depending on where you live, a BCBS Plan G may save you more in premiums than the $240 would cost you. You get to put the difference back in your pocket!

What Kind of Hospital Coverage Do You Get on Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan G?

Hospital stays can be expensive, but with BCBS Plan G, your hospital expenses are covered. That includes the $1,600 deductible that’s normally owed with any hospital stay for Medicare patients. That in and of itself constitutes considerable savings, but that’s only scratching the surface of what Plan G can do for you.

The Health Exchange Agency offers BCBS Supplement Plan G for You

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a recognizable name in the health care industry. When it comes to determining the decisions surrounding Medicare, they are a trusted provider based on their limitless options and their uncompromising service and commitment to their customers. The Health Exchange Agency is proud to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield who has been in business so long they will be shortly celebrating their centennial. With a myriad of products that range from every stage of life to every possible location across the country, Blue Cross offers a sustainable and consistent product.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan G

If you’ve got your heart set on purchasing a Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan G, you’re in luck. The Health Exchange Agency works with Blue Cross to offer their products at an affordable rate specifically for Medicare participants. When enrolling in Medicare for the first time, you may feel limited by the amount of options that you have for your deductible and co-pays. This is understandable as the traditional Medicare option does not have a great deal of wiggle room for adjustments. With a supplement like BCBS Supplement Plan G, you can say goodbye to limits and sleep peacefully in the knowing that long term hospital costs which can easily become insurmountable, are nearly extinguished by the benefits of this plan. The ongoing co-pay elimination from BCBS Supplement Plan G also helps boost the overall rating of this plan from many of its subscribers. Beyond the Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan G are other options, if this is not the right choice for you, there’s certainly one that is.

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