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Everything You Need to Know About
Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F

cigna plan fWhen it comes to getting reliable, full-spectrum Medicare supplement coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan F is a highly popular option. A Cigna Plan F takes care of all the things that aren’t covered by Medicare Part A and B, including your Part A and Part B Deductibles as well as skilled nursing facility care, hospice services and up to three pints of blood (per year).

For these reasons, Plan F is highly sought after for its full scope of coverage. But that’s not the only thing you should know about Plan F.

Every Medigap Plan F Offers the Same Basic Coverage, But…

Medicare supplement plans (also called Medigap plans) all contain the same basic coverage as required by law. However, because of the competition between insurance companies, many Medigap F plans have additional types of benefits only offered through that particular company.

For example, Cigna offers several additional benefits that other Medicare Supplement Plans don’t offer, such as the ability to enroll in a Cigna partner program that can save you money just for making healthier decisions.

You can choose your own doctors and hospitals, as long as they accept Medicare. Plus, with Cigna Medigap plans, your coverage cannot be canceled as long as you pay your premiums on time.

What’s more, the type of Medigap coverage offered varies from company to company, and state to state. That means it can be confusing to know which type of plans are right for your needs and your budget.

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Getting Started with a Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan

The best way to get started with a Medicare Supplement Plan F is to comparison shop all Medigap supplement plans to find the best one that fits your needs. But who has the time? Let us help you by comparison shopping all plans on your behalf. We can get pricing for Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F, as well as other Medicare supplement plans to help you find the right balance of coverage and cost.

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Plus, it costs you nothing to learn more. You can even start the quote process online for free with no obligation. If you still have questions, you’re welcome to call! Our friendly, helpful Medicare Supplement experts can work with you to determine your needs and help you find the plan that’s right for you.

But don’t wait. The sooner you put off getting a Medicare Supplement plan, like the Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F, the sooner you could find yourself paying a huge chunk of your hospital or medical bills. A Medigap plan helps take care of the costs that Medicare doesn’t, and it’s a smart decision to get one.