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Cigna Medigap Plan G

cigna medigap plan g
Cigna Plan G
As a Medicare recipient, you’ve likely by know learned about the obstacles that face most subscribers. This includes but is not limited to the fact that the coverages by standard Medicare options are very limited and causes you to end up paying for a great deal of expenses that occur after going to visit a doctor. This is why The Health Exchange Agency has provided you with the options for Cigna Medigap plan G & plan N options. Medigap options exist to help with the cost associated with the exposed holes from Medicare. Medicare only goes so far, when those options run out the Cigna Medi Gap options kick in to help with the cost. Not all Medigap options are created equally and some cost more for their monthly premium than others. We’ll explain plans like Cigna Medicare Part G and Cigna Plan N to give you more information on the opportunities available to you.  

Which Cigna Medi Gap Plan is For Me & What’s Cigna Plan G Benefits?

There’s several options when it comes to the Cigna Medi Gap options available to you. One of the most popular options is Cigna Medigap Plan G. The reason is because Cigna Plan G benefits are quite impressive. The Cigna Medigap Plan G covers almost everything you can imagine. It includes Part A and Part B coinsurance as well as 3 pints for any blood transfusion. Remember, these are all costs that you would accumulate independent of a plan if you were only on Medicare alone. The Cigna Plan G benefits are not limited to just those listed, it also takes care of costs associated with a skilled nursing facility, Part A Hospice care, and skilled nursing facility care. These benefits are not traditionally covered under a traditional Medicare plan and it can be difficult to see the cost benefit until you really encounter a situation in which you see how much it ends up saving you. The Cigna Plan G benefits are wide ranging and the long-term costs saved on the plan are extensively based on several long care treatment situations.

Which One Should I Go With Cigna Medicare Part G Or Cigna Plan N?

Cigna Medicare Part G is a popular and wide ranging plan that is beneficial to it’s subscribers but for a number of reasons it may not be for you. An alternative to the Cigna Medigap Plan G coverage is the Cigna Plan N. While often times more affordable, this plan offers a number of the same benefits that the Cigna Plan G benefits contain. The Health Exchange Agency cautions our customers about picking a plan just because you know it’s popular. The array of Cigna Medi Gap plans allows for you to find the right coverages for you. Cigna Plan N covers nearly everything that is covered under the Cigna Medigap Plan G plan covers. The exclusions to that being that the Cigna Plan N does not cover the Part B deductible or excess charges arriving out of Part B. While this can often times become a burden, it’s possible that your situation allows for Cigna Plan N to be the best plan for you. Whether you’re deliberating between Cigna Medicare Part G or you have questions surrounding other options, The Health Exchange Agency is here to help you. As a leader in the health insurance industry, we make it a priority to offer you the plans that you need so you can have the coverage that you can rely on.
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