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Cigna Supplemental Insurance

cigna supplemental insurance
Cigna Supplemental Insurance

Cigna has been an insurance leader with over 170 million active customers relationships worldwide. With over 200 years in the pursuit of health and wellness for it’s customers, Cigna has stood out due to their dedication to customer satisfaction. The importance of protection when it comes to Cigna’s plans is paramount. The Health Exchange Agency has decided to offer Cigna supplemental coverage with benefits for Medicare recipients. The benefit of Cigna supplemental plans is that they cover extensive gaps that are missing in your existing Medicare plan.   


The Health Exchange Agency offers Cigna Supplemental Insurance

Medigap plans are often confused with Medicare plans. Medicare is a state coverage that is provided generally at the age of 65. The basic coverages that come with Medicare are limited and if you have any intense needs when it comes to your health, it can be difficult to keep up with costs even with the Medicare insurance. This is why Medigap insurance coverages exist. With Cigna Supplemental Insurance plans, you can purchase “add-on” coverage that will help supplement the existing care you have with Medicare. This ensures that when you go in for your doctor’s appointments and visits, you aren’t paying a large amount out of pocket each time. With the right Cigna supplemental plan, you are more apt to pay less out of pocket by simply paying your monthly premium.  Cigna Supplemental Insurance expert agents are standing by to take your call and show you all the options that are right for you.


Why Choose a Cigna Supplemental Plan?

If you’re undecided on what kind of plan to choose, it’s completely within reason to ask questions to seek deeper understanding on the plans you’re looking at. When it comes to Cigna, there’s one thing you should know. Their outstanding commitment to customer wellness is what they’ve been able to hang their hat on for almost two centuries. With that kind of track record, you don’t know have to worry about a lack of consistency or follow through. You want to know that when you do have an operation or a procedure, the last thing that you’ll be worrying about is the cost associated with the process. Having a big hit to your bank account when you’re already ill can add insult to injury. Keep in mind that these coverages are all accessible through Cigna directly and do not impact your eligibility for Medicare in your state. 


How Do I Enroll for Cigna Supplements?

The Health Exchange Agency functions as a broker for Cigna in this relationship. When you contact The Health Exchange Agency, we find out more about you to find the right supplement plan for you. With the best plan to match your budget and your needs, we’ll have you set up with the best Cigna supplemental insurance policy to get your policy started immediately. If you’re pending upcoming procedures or appointments, with the right plan, there’s no need to worry about changing your physician or your dates. The Health Exchange Agency finds the best option for you to ensure that you are protecting your lifestyle and body for the future. 

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