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Compare Medigap Policies to Find The Best Insurance Company In Your Area!

Not all Medigap policies benefit you in the same way. They may vary based on additional benefits they offer people to help them meet their specific healthcare needs. And that is what makes comparing the policies in your Medigap insurance plan important.

Compare Medigap policies and get instant quotes from expert Medicare insurance agents!

HEA is your go-to option to compare Medigap premiums and find a Medigap policy that can work best for you. We work with a qualified team of agents who specialize in Medicare insurance policies and Supplement plans.

Our team believes that every individual should feel confident when purchasing a health insurance plan. That is why we provide comparisons for Medigap policies and plans to enable you to make a decision that can benefit you in long run.

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What are Medigap Policies

Medigap policies refer to health insurance that private insurance providers sell people to meet their coverage needs related to medical or healthcare. The policies are designed to offer additional benefits to people who need more than what their Original Medicare plan covers.

If you have the Original Medigap Plan and Medigap policy, both insurance plans will cover the cost of your healthcare or medical expenses.

In general, you can only purchase a Medigap policy if you‘re already on the Original Medicare plan. You need to pay the monthly Medicare premium for Part B. You will also pay a monthly premium to your Medigap insurance provider.

Paying premiums every month for a Medigap policy you bought means you will get guaranteed healthcare benefits. The policy automatically renews each year. The coverage of your Medigap policy continues as long as monthly payments are consistent.

Private insurance companies sell the Medigap policy with standardized terms and features. You need to make sure that the Medigap policy you buy follows state and federal laws. The document you get from the insurance company must identify the policy as “Medicare Supplement Plan or Insurance.

While Medigap policies include standard features and benefits, comparing them is essential. Depending on the benefits a Medigap policy offers you, its cost can vary. The standardized Medigap policy different insurance providers offer must have the same advantages for the beneficiaries.

If you have different medical needs, you must buy a separate Medigap policy that covers the costs of your healthcare. Whether you’re looking to purchase a health insurance policy for your medical expenses or your loved one’s healthcare needs, compare Medigap policies. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about it.

Give us a call or visit our website to get an in-depth comparison of Medigap policies insurance providers to offer in your area. We are EXPERTS in assessing Medigap policies and comparing the benefits they can offer you when you need medical insurance!


Comparing Medigap Policies- What you Need to Know

All Medicare beneficiaries can choose from 12 Medigap plans. At HEA, our experts provide you with a comprehensive Medigap policies comparison to help you review the plans. Generally, a Medigap plan offers the following benefits that the Original Medicare Plan doesn’t include;

  • Medicare Part B copay or co-insurance
  • Part A hospital care copay or co-insurance
  • Blood Pints
  • Deductible for Medicare Part A ($1632)
  • Deductible for Medicare Part B ($240)
  • Medicare Part B Additional Charges
  • Medicare Part B Prevention Care
  • Travel Emergency (plan limit)


Don’t confuse plans A and B of Medigap plans with Medicare’s Part A and B. Original Part A and B of a Medicare plan includes in-patient coverage and out-patient doctor visits. However, plans A and B of Medigap offer you supplemental insurance. It typically covers the healthcare or medical costs your Original Medicare Plan doesn’t cover.

Regardless of the Medigap plan you opt for, it applies to any medical facility and doctor in the USA that accepts Medicare coverage. Remember that a Medicare-accepting hospital or healthcare provider cannot refuse to provide the services because of the insurance carrier you pick for the Medigap policy.


Cost of a Medigap Policy

As we said above, comparing Medigap policies is crucial as all plans vary in terms of their out-of-pocket costs and monthly premiums a beneficiary has to pay.

Here is a list of costs Medigap policies usually have;

  • Medicare Part A (premium)
  • Medicare Part B (premium)
  • Medigap plan (premium)
  • Coinsurance ( Not for all Medigap plans)
  • Copayments (Not for all Medigap plans)
  • Deductible (includes All Medicare plans except Plan C and F)


The costs of premiums in Medigap plans can impact your decision to choose the policy. While some Medigap plans need deductibles and copayments, others require policyholders to pay the deductible before insurance coverage of the plan kicks in.

This is why we at HEA ensure that all our clients have a sufficient understanding of not only Medigap plans but also the out-of-pocket responsibility they have. This is a great way to decide which Medigap plan works best for your healthcare needs.

Medigap plans don’t restrict you from using different provider networks. That means when you sign up for any Medigap plan or policy, you’re allowed to use medical coverage anywhere. Make sure you take your benefit for foreign emergency travel into account when choosing Medigap plans.


Find a Medigap Policy That Will Benefit You

We know comparing the features and benefits of Medigap policies isn’t an easy task. Take this stress off your shoulders and get in touch with our Medicare insurance agents to find the Medigap policy you’re looking for. We’re happy to assist you in your Medigap policy hunt.

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