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CVS PDP Medicare

CVS PDP Medicare
CVS PDP Medicare
You may have seen the abbreviation for CVS PDP Medicare Coverage and have asked yourself what this means. CVS, one of the country’s largest drug stores and pharmacies, offers coverage through Medicare Part D for PDP. PDP is an abbreviation for Prescription Drug Plan, also referred to as a stand-alone prescription plan. This means that the PDP or Part D option from Medicare, is not a medical plan and does not provide additional benefits for your medical coverage. If you’re looking for a medical supplement, meaning coverage that is in addition to your existing Medicare benefit, you are looking for a Medigap supplement plan instead of a Part D supplement. A CVS PDP coverage is an option that allows for you to have affordable access to your Prescriptions without the large cost that often comes with that RX.  

CVS PDP Medicare Benefits:

When you are enrolled in a CVS PDP Medicare plan, you can manage your prescriptions online through the CVS Website or mobile application with ease and convenience. They have no added cost for additional 30 day supplies of daily-dose packs which can be conveniently delivered straight to your door or to the closest CVS pharmacy. With the additional benefit of CVS PDP Medicare plans you won’t need to stay on top of your refills because CVS will do it for you. Once enrolled in automatic prescription refills, the prescriptions will be refilled as soon as they are eligible for renewal. CVS is also well known for their ExtraBucks Rewards which you can earn with spending at the CVS Pharmacy.  

The Health Exchange Agency and CVS PDP Coverage

If you’ve been searching for a Prescription Drug Coverage to work with your Medicare to assist with your prescription, The Health Exchange Agency is the way to go. With the CVS PDP Medicare option, you can shop at your traditional CVS pharmacy with no change to the way you generally obtain your prescriptions. If you have been seeking out appropriate coverage so that you can save money on your prescriptions at the pharmacy, using The Health Exchange Agency to find the CVS PDP Medicare option is going to be the best option for you. With some plans, it’s possible that you have copayments for your prescription pick-ups that are as low as $0. With a cost this good, it’s hard to say no.  The Health Exchange Agency has trained and prepared experts that are ready to give you full consultations on the benefits that are available to you through a CVS PDP plan. With the team’s advice, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision on the prescription drug benefits that you’ve been looking for. Contact The Health Exchange Agency today to discuss your CVS PDP Medicare options and how they can benefit you. With a better understanding on which options are still available, you’ll find peace of mind and assurance in knowing that you have got the best insurance coverage for the drugs you need.
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