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Equitable Medigap Plan

equitable medigap
Equitable Medigap
Equitable began over 90 years ago with options to provide individuals with coverages they need to protect themselves from paying out of pocket for unexpected medical situations that present themselves. This is a company with a track record of consistency and offerings that provide seniors with the options for taking charge of their own Medicare coverages. When it comes to the Equitable Medigap options that are available to you, there’s Equitable Plan N, Plan G, and Plan F. These plans are expensive and all good choices depending on what your needs are. If you know that you are in for a few more follow up visits or some procedures that will involve more serious treatments, it may be best to pay monthly for regular monthly premiums at a higher rate than to have to pay egregious amounts for procedures and care. Below is a brief overview of each plan and some of the benefits that each Equitable Medigap plan provides.  

Equitable Plan F

This is the top choice if you are looking to eliminate almost every possible expense from seeking medical treatment. With the Equitable Plan F options, everything is covered from your Part A deductible to your Part B copays. In addition, the Equitable Plan F also includes Foreign Travel Emergency costs up to 80% of the plan benefit. These coverages are also inclusive of skilled nursing facilities and blood transfusions. If you’re looking for the crème de la crème of the Equitable Medigap options, the Equitable Plan F may be for you.  

Equitable Plan G

While Equitable Plan F leaves very little to be desired, so does Equitable Plan G. Plan G provides almost every single benefit that’s offered by the Equitable Plan F option. The largest difference is that the Equitable Plan G option does not pay for the Part B deductible. If in the event that you need to use Part B coverage, you would be solely responsible for paying for those costs. The cost of the deductible is right under $250. With Equitable Plan G, your monthly premium may be less and it may balance out the costs depending on the needs you will have from your coverages.  

Equitable Plan N

With The Equitable Plan N coverage, you will likely pay a lower monthly premium than the other Equitable Medigap plans mentioned. With the Equitable Plan N, you will receive the same benefits as Equitable Plan G with the exception of the excess charges from Part B. This cost can be minimal which is why to some is manageable. If this is true for you,  the Equitable Plan N option may be for you. The Health Exchange Agency works to provide you with the Equitable Medigap options that are best suited to serve you. With the abundance of options in the Medicare supplement world, we know it can be difficult to find out which plan is going to keep you the best protected. Contact The Health Exchange Agency today to enroll yourself in the Equitable Medigap coverage for you.
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