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Globe Life Medicare Supplement Plans

globe life medicare supplement plans
Globe Life Medicare Supplement Plans

Globe Life boasts over 5.2 million policyholders as of and with the very low and affordable rates, there’s no wonder why. Globe Life has no agent will call and on their Medicare plans allows the freedom to choose physicians and networks. With the added benefit of nationwide “automatic” claims fling the process is always made easier for the customer. When it comes to Globe life plans, there’s a few options that are important to consider. The ones we will review are Globe Life Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N.


Globe Life Plan F

With the Globe Life Plan F, you are receiving benefits for more than just your traditional Medicare plan. Globe Life Plan F covers Hospitalization, Medical expenses, blood for blood transfusions, hospice care, Part A & B deductible, excess doctor charges, and foreign travel emergency expenses. With a plan this thorough, you’re eliminating the costs associated with the expensive appointments and procedures. With the Globe Life Plan F, your monthly premium will proactively take care of any costs you may be worried about.


Globe Life Plan G

Now that you know the extent of Globe Life Plan F, you can see the importance of proper coverage. With Globe Life Plan G most of all the coverages from Plan F are also included. The only difference is that on the Globe Life Plan G, the Part B deductible is not included. If this is an expense that you can stomach, using the Globe Life Plan G may be the better option for you. While not quite as extensive as the Plan F, Globe Life Plan G is an excellent option with very little out of pocket cost and generally a very reasonable premium payment monthly.


Globe Life Plan N

Very similar to Plan F and Plan G, Globe Life Plan N is a full coverage that also covers hospitalization and medical expenses. While Plan N does pay for medical expenses with the small exception that there is a copayment for office visits of $20 and $50 for emergency room visits. Along with most of all the other bells and whistles, Globe Life Plan N is limited when it comes to the Part B deductible and excess charges and therefore, you’re responsible for paying that out of pocket in the event that it is needed.

Whether Globe Life Plan N is the right option for you or you’re looking for a plan like Globe life Plan G, The Health Exchange Agency is the best source of contact. Our service counselors are available to assist with making the right choices when it comes to your coverage. Learning about the options is the first step in making the right choice for your health. The Health Exchange Agency is available for your assistance in making the decision that will ultimately provide you the best protection and peace of mind.

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