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Humana Medicare Part D

humana part d insurance
Humana Part D Insurance
If you’ve been researching Humana Medicare Plans and have found one plan that caught your eye, its likely Humana Medicare Part D.  Humana Part D plans are by far some of the most popular in the marketplace for stand-alone coverage and have held that place for some time now.  With a Humana Part D Insurance policy, the benefits you receive are plentiful while still managing a low and affordable premium monthly.   Humana Part D Plans are designed for prescription drug coverage.  This is specifically meant for you to manage and control the cost you’re spending each month on pharmaceuticals.  

Which Humana Medicare Part D Plan is for Me?

With Humana Medicare Part D Plans, there are several options.  The newest of these plans is the Humana Walmart Value RX Plan.  This just released plan offers cost-saving benefits through Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood markets, and Sam’s club pharmacies.  If you have regular refills and visit your pharmacy frequently, you are more apt to want this coverage specifically because of the $0 deductible on Tier 1 and 2 Medications.  The monthly premium for this coverage is very affordable at $22.83 which is why its popularity is soaring.  With a premium that low and $0 deductibles, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a more desirable plan than this. A more expansive plan is the Humana Premier RX Plan.  This Humana D plan is best intended for those who have very frequent use of their pharmacy and a wide array of prescriptions.  While the premium for this coverage is higher than other Humana Part D Insurance plans, it is worth the benefits if you have habitual use of specific drugs.  Some co-pays with this plan are as low as $1.  Keep in mind, while the benefits are impressive, this boasts a much higher premium ranging from $68.40 – $86.20 depending on which state you’re in.  This coverage is more comprehensive for prescription drug coverages and thought of as the true premier Humana Medicare Part D plan. The third option of the Humana Part D plans is the Humana Basic RX Plan.  This is a more middle-of-the-road plan with premiums ranging from the $23.90 – $50.60 range based on states.  It does allow for $0 Co-Pays after the deductible is paid but the annual deductible is $480. You have the ability to choose your pharmacy and therefore determine exactly where you go unlike the other Humana D plan.  This Humana Medicare Part D package may be for you if you’d like a lower premium and can afford the out of pocket expenses associated with prescription coverage. Regardless of which direction you’re more inclined to go in, we have specialized Humana Medicare Part D experts on the phone awaiting to take your call and guide you in the best direction.  Humana Medicare Part D has many benefits and various paths and options, so it’s crucial to be informed before making this important decision for your healthcare.  

The Health Exchange Agency and Humana Part D Plans

The Health Exchange Agency offers Humana Medicare Part D options as a benefit and stand-alone coverage in addition to the supplement coverage plans that are also offered.  By having protection for your Part D coverages, and prescription benefits, you can eliminate the fear each time you go to the pharmacy wondering the impact to your wallet.  Finding the right Humana Part D plans can be easy.  Contact our team today for more information on how we can start saving you money today.
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