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Humana Medigap

Finding the right Medigap plan can be a painstaking experience, especially if you’re attempting to do it on your own.  With so many options and various carriers and people promising you so much, it can be difficult to be decisive about something that is so critical to your health.  The Health Exchange Agency aims to alleviate this burden for you through the Humana Medigap Plan policies available to Medicare subscribers.   

Simply put, Medigap plans are policies in place that subsidize your existing Medicare policy.  This is not the same as signing up for Medicare as this offers coverage in addition to your Medicare plan.  It helps fill in the holes or as some may say “gaps.”  That’s why this is called a Medigap plan.  Humana Medigap Insurance plans are designed with you in mind.  They create options for you to explore benefits that aren’t limited to your general Medicare coverages. 


Humana Medigap Insurance Benefits

With a Humana Medigap Plan, you’re in good hands.  The network of providers is vast and each Humana Medigap Insurance option covers a plethora of benefits.  Standard benefits include:


These are just some of the benefits offered on each Humana Medigap plan.  The Health Exchange Agency has chosen to work with Humana because of their belief in protecting seniors just like you.  What this means is keeping prices on premiums low so that you can get the care you need while holding on to your savings.  This also means that Humana Medigap Insurance policy comes with the service that you need.  Never waiting on hold not sure where to go again.  The luxury of Humana is that they have stability and strength in the Medigap industry and are prepared to answer the questions you have in response to your Medicare policy. 

Sometimes when you pay a low-cost premium, you expect to have high co-pays that make you intimidated to even attempt contact with your physician.  The Health Exchange Agency works with Humana Medigap Insurance plans to ensure that this is not the case.  For your doctor appointments, your co-pay could be as low as $0.  With a plan like this, you can feel the freedom in seeking answers to your health questions.  When you’re searching for the truth about your diagnosis, time is not on your side.   With a Humana Medigap plan, you can finally afford to get the help you need. 

The Health Exchange Agency has been working with Humana to provide plans that are accessible and easy for you to work with.  Thinking about the cost of coverage for a simple outpatient procedure can quickly become a headache.  With the help of one of our counselors, we can pair you with the Humana Medigap Insurance Plan that works for you and your budget today.  

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