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Everything You Need to Know About Humana Plan F - A Medicare Supplement Plan

You’ll be glad to know that Humana Plan F, one of the many Medicare Supplement Plans available from insurer Humana, is one such plan.  Here at The Health Exchange Agency, we often get inquiries about Humana Plan F and it’s easy to understand why.  Plan F is essentially the “everything” plan – covering things that other Medicare Supplement Plans don’t, including Medicare Part B deductibles.

Why Choose Humana Plan F?

With millions of people enrolled in Plan F from Humana, it’s easy to understand why Plan F is so popular. It’s one of only two plans that covers your Part B deductible from Medicare 100%, giving you even greater peace of mind. Humana Plan F gives you all the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans a, B and C together in one complete package. It also includes things like co-insurance coverage for skilled nursing facility care as well as emergency assistance in case of a foreign travel medical emergency.

Finally, it also covers costs that go beyond Medicare-approved amounts, so it’s possible that with Plan F from Humana, you’ll have no out of pocket costs for things like hospital care or a visit to the doctor’s office.

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Humana Plan F: High Deductible or Lower Premium?

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on the right Medicare Supplement Plan. Do you go with a lower premium or a higher deductible? Higher deductible plans have lower premiums, but in the event that you become sick, you’ll pay higher out of pocket costs. Plan F has a high deductible option, but you’ll be paying as much as $2,240 before the plan kicks in. This amount can go up every year, so that’s a point you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re considering Humana Plan F as your Medigap plan.

Do you still have questions? It’s understandable! With all these parts and plans and coverage options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Even if you’re absolutely sure you want to move ahead with enrolling in Humana Plan F, knowing your options is one of the most important steps you can take before you make your choice.

Here at The Health Exchange Agency, we work with people like you every day to help guide them to the best choice for their Medicare Supplement Plan. We’ll help you make sense of Humana Plan F or any other Medigap plan you may have questions about so that you can move forward with confidence.

We’ll take the time to answer all your questions, as well as research and comparison shop a variety of Medigap plans in your area, including plans from Humana and other Plan F options, so that you can have the best balance of features and coverage for your budget.

And despite the fact that in most areas, Medicare Supplement Plans have standardized plan names like Plan A, Plan F, Plan G and so on, the differences are important. Pricing, quality of care and much more help differentiate what each plan offers beyond the core benefits.