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A Closer Look at Humana Plan G
- A Medicare Supplement Plan from Humana

Why Choose Humana Plan G as Your Medicare Supplement Plan?

Plan G covers everything that Plan F does with the exception of the Part B deductible, currently set at $203. Depending on where you live, your Plan G costs may be lower than the cost of the deductible — meaning that’s extra money that you can put in your pocket.

Plus, Plan G premium increases happen on a much slower and lower scale than plan F. In some cases, Plan G premiums only increased by 3%, which adds up to very little in terms of the vast amounts of coverage you get.

Humana Plan G covers things like:

This means that a Humana Plan G could provide you with nearly the same types of benefits as the much more popular Plan F, but at considerable cost savings.

Switching from Humana Plan F to Plan G

If you’ve previously enrolled in Plan F, but you’re considering switching to Plan G, you may wonder exactly how that works. For example, if your deductible has already been paid while you’re under Plan F, and you switch to G, your deductible isn’t due again until the following year – meaning even greater savings for you.

Things like this are just a few of the reasons why so many Medicare users call The Health Exchange Agency about choosing the right Medicare Supplement Plan.

Our friendly, helpful agents are happy to walk you through the process of applying for or changing your Medicare Supplement Plan, as well as answer any questions you may have. Whether this will be your first time as a customer of Humana (or any other Medigap plan), or you’re simply switching plans, by working with The Health Exchange Agency, the process couldn’t be any simpler.

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Getting a Medicare Supplement Plan Quote from Humana

The best part about working with The Health Exchange Agency to get a quote on a Medigap plan from Humana is the easy, no-pressure enrollment process. We take the time to help you understand if Plan G from Humana would be a good fit for your needs. We also help you compare rates from other Medigap plan providers in your area, so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone “on hold” just to speak to a real person.