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Humana RX Plan

humana walmart
Humana Walmart
As a Medicare recipient, you are eligible to utilize additional benefits which include the Humana RX Plan and the Humana Walmart RX Plan.  This benefit allows for you to fill your prescriptions as you normally would at your neighborhood Walmart pharmacy.  As a benefit of the Part D plan, which assists with costs associated with pharmaceuticals, Humana Walmart share in providing this excellent benefit to you as a recipient.  This is also referred to as Humana Silver Script which is a stand-alone Part D coverage that covers prescription drug coverages.  Our expert Humana RX Plan team is standing by to answer all of your questions and offer you attractive options.  

More on Humana Walmart RX Plan

With the Humana Walmart option plan, your Humana RX Plan is even more discounted.  For some prescriptions with a Humana Silver Script program, the cost can be as low as $1 out of pocket.  With this plan, the partnership of Humana Walmart brings you a value plan that discounts prescriptions to some of the lowest prices ever.  With Humana RX plan, you can also have access to the benefits that are offered by Walmart but you are not limited to picking up prescriptions there.  Humana Silver Script programs also allow you to go to other pharmacies if you so choose, you just may not receive the same discount as you have with Walmart.  

More Benefits like Humana Supplement Silver Sneakers

Beyond the Humana RX Plan, you have access to a wonderful benefit through Humana Supplement Silver Sneakers.  With the purchase of a Humana Medicare Advantage Plan, you have access to the Silver Sneakers Program. This program allows you to participate in a variety of wellness and fitness programs at local establishments.  With the Humana Supplement Silver Sneakers, you can focus on your health with no-cost programs for yoga, cardio classes, and regular gym use.  Over 15,000 gyms countrywide part participate with the Humana Supplement Silver Sneakers and because of this, you have access to all those gyms as well.  

Total Advantage Benefits of Humana Silver Script

Whether you’re looking for Humana Silver Script benefits or the additional health and wellness benefits of Humana Supplement Silver Sneakers, you’ll have access with the purchase of Medicare Advantage plan through Humana.  The variety of options offered are vast and whether you’re seeking just a stand-alone coverage plan or looking for comprehensive Medicare supplements, you’re in the right place.  The Health Exchange Agency has teamed up with Humana because we believe in pursuing the health of seniors just like you.  With the added exercise options provided, you’ll be able to enjoy your future and your Medicare coverage more.  With more functional wellness, you’ll be able to avoid less doctor appointments and continue to save money on expensive medical procedures.  Your health is your wealth and we plan on working with you to continue your legacy of wellness.  Contact The Health Exchange Agency today for more information on how you can take part in the wonderful benefits available to you.
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