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Manhattan Life Plan F

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Manhattan Plan N

When enrolling in Medigap coverages, it can be challenging to determine which of all the options is best for you.  Manhattan Life, one of the oldest providers in the Medicare insurance industry, provides a number of plans to give you options when it’s time to determine the course of action for your health.  Between Manhattan Life Plan N, Manhattan Plan G, and Manhattan Plan F, the nuances can get conflicting.  The Health Exchange Agency provides options that can assist you in gaining financial freedom through health care coverage that works for you and helps defend you against the unfair costs of medical prices.  A brief overview of each plan will help you understand it more.


Manhattan Plan N

With the Manhattan Plan N option, your Medigap coverage will include a number of benefits.  This coverage is more basic than the Manhattan Plan F but this is a much more affordable rate.  The primary benefits being Part A coinsurance and hospital costs which include 365 days after your regular Medicare benefits expire.  Manhattan Plan N also includes Part A Hospice care, your Part B coinsurance and copayment, and the first three pints of blood during a transfusion.  It also includes the Part A deductible and the skilled nursing facility costs which can be very costly with any extended stay.


Manhattan Life Plan G

With Manhattan Plan G, you can still have access to the benefits mentioned with Manhattan Plan N plus even more.  While Plan N is more affordable, Manhattan Plan G is very competitive and not expensive in most cases.  It covers all the benefits mentioned above and also includes the Part B excess charges.  While you’re still responsible with a Manhattan Plan G for the Part B deductible, Manhattan Life Plan G is fairly comprehensive for the cost and high in great value.

Manhattan Life Plan F

Manhattan Plan F is the most popular of all the plans in general.  While eligibility for this plan has fluctuated throughout the last year, this plan remains a favorite for those who are interested in having full and expansive coverage.  Manhattan Life Plan F includes all the bells and whistles to include foreign travel exchange, up to the plan limits, part B excess charges, and the Part B deductible.  That’s in addition to all the benefits mentioned for Manhattan Life Plan G and Manhattan Plan N.  With a Manhattan Plan F option, you essentially avoid all out of pocket expenses and can rely more upon the coverage and the cost of the monthly premium to keep you protected.


Which One Should I Go With Manhattan Plan G or Plan N

With The Health Exchange Agency, you can have access to the Manhattan Life Plan F or whichever option you’re interested in exploring.  Based on your health needs and budget, a plan like Manhattan Plan G may be better suited for you.  To determine, if you’re debating between a plan like Manhattan Plan F and Plan G, your coverage counselor will be able to walk you through the steps to take to discern which election is best for you.  For perfect peace of mind, contact The Health Exchange Agency to explore your options.

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