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When looking to compare Medicare Plan N rates, it’s important to note that it varies by carrier. However, listed below we have a table that shows Plan N rates by the top insurance companies:







Plan N Premium Age 65







Blue Shield

Blue Cross




Plan N Premium Age 70






Thankfully, our licensed Medicare agents are here to help you find the best rates and Medigap policies to fit your needs and budget. But before we talk about us and what we can do for you, let’s talk about Medicare Plan N itself.

Medicare, the federal health insurance program targeted to those over 65 and those who are disabled, can be confusing to navigate and understand.  With each part given a letter designation, and only some parts being mandatory, members may struggle to figure out exactly how to move forward.  Plan N is one of the Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, designed to work along with Original Medicare (Parts A and B).  To understand how Medicare Supplement Plan N works, it’s important to understand how Medicare works overall.

There are two primary parts of what is called Original Medicare.  Part A covers hospitalizations, while Part B covers doctors’ visits.  Prescription drug costs are covered by Part D.  While each of these sections offers some coverage to members, there are deductibles, coinsurances, and copays that are left unpaid.  For those who don’t have a lot of medical visits, these costs may not be much; for those who have more chronic health conditions, these costs can quickly become extremely difficult to manage.

In order to help people manage their Medicare costs, several Medigap plans are offered by different private insurance companies.  These plans are also labeled with letters, such as Plan F, Plan G, and Plan M.  Medigap Plan N falls into this category.

When someone first becomes eligible for Medicare, there is a one-time open enrollment period for a Medicare Supplement plan.  During this original open enrollment period, their health is not considered; they can get whichever Medigap plan they want at the same cost as anyone else enrolling.  Some people choose not to enroll in a supplemental plan, deciding that they will enroll later if they need it.  This can be a costly choice.  While people can try to enroll in a Medigap plan after that period, their health will need to be verified; depending on their health at that time, they may pay a higher premium or be denied coverage all together.

The coverage for each of the different types of Medicare Supplement plans is standardized.  This means that every insurance company which offers Medicare Supplement Plan N will offer the same coverage.  Plan N offers different coverage, however, from the other Medigap plans (F, G, etc.).


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Plan N covers:

• Part A coinsurances and up to 365 days after Medicare Part A stops paying

• Part A deductible

• Part A coinsurance or copay for hospice care

• Coinsurances or copayments on Medicare Part B, although some doctor’s visits or ER visits will have some copay.

Medigap Plan N is valuable for people who are more concerned about their Part A coverage and are willing to pay their deductible and Part B premium on their own.