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There are a few different ways you can acquire free Medicare Supplement quotes. You may choose to speak to an insurance company directly or an agent who is well-versed in Medigap quotes. You can do this either over the phone or in person. The benefit of going this route is that you can also direct any additional questions you may have towards the company or agent and obtain quality answers. Usually, insurance brokers who specialize in Medigap quotes are able to get quotes from many different insurers. This allows you to compare policy premiums and ratings, as well as see other important facts about the companies in question. Furthermore, as they are affiliated with several companies, brokers can give you a more unbiased opinion of which plan works best for you. You may also choose to find free Medicare Supplement quotes online. Many insurance sites have quote forms available. You answer a handful of simple questions, and moments later, you have a quote.

Medicare Supplement Quotes: How They Are Deciphered

Insurance companies have three ways in which they price plans:
  1. Attained Age: All policy holders of the same age pay the same premium amount. Typically, younger policy holders will pay a lower amount than those who are older.
  1. Issue Age: The premium amount will be based upon the age that the policy holder is when he or she actually issued a policy. Generally speaking, premiums will not go up as the policy holder ages. Other factors, however, such as inflation, may affect rates.
  1. Community: This is also called “no age rated” plans. They have the same rates for all policy holders. These plans will not increase in price due to aging. Other economic factors may cause rates to increase. For example, the amount of claims that are being paid out for policy holders of a specific Medicare Supplement plan may increase premiums.

Do I Qualify For Medicare Supplement Insurance?

medigap quotes
Those who are age 65 and who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B eligible for a Medigap insurance plan. Furthermore, in some cases, those who are enrolled in Parts A and B who are under 65 may qualify due to a disability or health condition. However, if you are enrolled in Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, you do not need a supplement plan. It’s important to note that the best time to enroll for a supplement plan is during the open enrollment period. This begins on the month that you turn 65 and enroll in Part B. If you wait until after this period, an insurer may not sell you a policy.  

What If I Already Have Other Insurance Coverage?

If an employer sponsored group health plan already covers you, chances are you won’t need a Medicare Supplement plan. This is due to the fact that many group plans offer similar coverage as provided by supplement plans. When your group coverage ends, you will be allowed to enroll in Medicare Part B without facing a penalty for late enrollment. At this time, your Medigap enrollment period will also begin.

Other Things to Consider Regarding Medigap Quotes

When you look for free Medicare Supplement quotes, there are several factors to keep in mind. For example, not all insurance companies that offer supplements plants will offer all of the plans available. As such, if a specific policy is best suited to your needs, be sure to ask whether or not the company in question offers that supplement plan. Additionally, Medigap quotes tend to differ a fair amount from one company to the next. The benefits of each plan offered, however, are exactly the same no matter what company you choose.  So, for example, if you choose Plan G, the benefits will be the same no matter the insurance company in question. As prices can vary, however, it’s best to obtain quotes from at least three different companies. Be aware of illegal practices! Medicare Supplement agents are not allowed to pressure you into buying a Medigap plan. Furthermore, they are not permitted to sell you a policy if you are already covered by Medicaid (except in some special cases). In addition, agents are not permitted to claim that any Medicare Supplement plan is part of the Original Medicare program. Medigap policies are private health insurance plans. This also means that the agents themselves are not associated with Medicare itself, but are affiliated with the company that offers the Medigap plans.  Should you feel that an agent is behaving illegally, don’t hesitate to report them to your state’s insurance department or the office of the Inspector General. Typically speaking, agents practice ethical behavior where their jobs are concerned. Nevertheless, it’s best to understand what is and is not tolerated regarding these legal matters.
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