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Mutual of Omaha Plan F

mutual of omaha

Can You Still Get Plan F?
You cannot enroll in Medicare Plan F if you were newly eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020. However, if you were newly eligible for Medicare before that date, you can still choose to enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan F. You can also keep your Plan F coverage if you were already enrolled in the plan and continue to pay your monthly premiums.

Mutual of Omaha Plan F is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan Mutual of Omaha offers. It’s extremely comprehensive—it picks up where your part B plan leaves off, covering the 20% part B doesn’t pay. And, due to Federal law, no matter what company you choose, your plan F benefits will be the same. However, Mutual of Omaha, founded in 1909, is a well-trusted company.  As such, purchasing your Plan F through this establishment is a smart choice. While the company is based in Nebraska, many states offer coverage through Mutual of Omaha.

Mutual of Omaha offers a variety of supplement plans. Each varies in price and offered benefits; you’ll be sure to find one that suits you well. Plan F, however, continues to be one of the most popular plans, not just as offered by Mutual of Omaha, but by insurance companies nationwide.

Mutual of Omaha Plan F covers:

A More In-Depth Look of What Mutual of Omaha Plan F Coverage Entails:


Part A: What Plan F Covers

For example, if you stay in the hospital, your part A deductible will be $1,600. This amount, however, can change from year to year. You must pay this deductible for each benefit period. In this scenario, Mutual of Omaha Plan F will pay the $1,600.

Medicare B: What Plan F Covers

Similarly, with Medicare Part B, you are required to pay the $226 deductible each year before Medicare will start to pay its share. Mutual of Omaha Plan F, however, will pay 100% of the $226 deductible.

Part B Coinsurance: What Plan F Covers

Generally speaking, Medicare Part B will only cover 80% of medical services.  It’s your responsibility, then, to pay the remaining 20%. For example, this entails doctor visits and other services, as well as hospital care that is considered outpatient. Plan F, however, can help you keep money in your own pocket. It will completely cover all of the 20% that Medicare does not cover.

An Extra 365 Days in the Hospital –  Plan F Will Cover:

Medicare will only cover your hospital stay up to a certain amount of time. However, with Omaha Plan F, you can receive up to 365 more days in the hospital during your lifetime. Plan F will cover all of the costs for these additional days.

What about Pints of Blood? Plan F Covers the Following:

Mutual of Omaha Plan F will cover all of the costs of 3 pints of blood. This is per year. Alternatively, this plan will cover the equivalency to this 3 pints in red blood cells (packed).

Excess Charges That Come With Part B: How Plan F Can Help You

Your doctor may not accept what’s known as assignment. This means they won’t take the amount that Medicare approved as full payment. Federal law states medical professionals who won’t accept this are allowed to charge 15% more than the Medicare approved amount. If the medical professional you see refuses to accept this approved Medicare amount, Plan F from Mutual of Omaha could be the right supplement plan for you. Additionally, in the case that you need to stay at the hospital, you will not have any control over the medical professionals you see. Because of this, you may end up with a doctor who does not take assignment. If you have Plan F, however, it will cover these extra Plan B charges.

Foreign Travel Emergency: What Plan F Covers

You may decide to travel outside of the United States. When away from home, emergencies can arise. Mutual of Omaha Plan F can help save you money for your emergency care. It will pay for 80% (this is following a deductible of $250) with a maximum lifetime benefit of $50,000.

Skilled Nursing: Plan F Covers the Following

Medicare will pay for the first 20 days of a skilled nursing facility. If the need arises for you to stay in a SNF after a hospital stay, and you stay longer than 20 days, the benefits of Plan F will begin. Starting with day 21 and ending at day 100, it covers up to $329 every day.

Health Care in the Home: Plan F Covers

Home Health Care includes skilled nursing care as well as some additional health-related care given to you in your own home. For example, you may need at-home care for the treatment of an illness or injury. Mutual of Omaha Plan F covers the 20% remainder not paid for Medicare Part B.

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Common Questions Asked about Plan F:

Q. Is Plan F on Its Way out the Door?

mutual of omaha plan f

A: Yes. As of the year 2020, Medigap Plan F will no longer be available for new enrollees. Those who are already enrolled in this plan, however, will be able to keep their existing coverage. While Plan F has been extremely popular, plan G is also an up and coming star. This plan is comparable to Plan F, but has a lower premium.

Q. What is the Price of Plan F Through Mutual of Omaha?

A. The price for Mutual of Omaha Plan F varies, depending on several factors. For example, your gender, area code, and if you are a tobacco user are all determining factors of the price of Plan F. This plan is known for having high premiums, but the coverage is so comprehensive many people find it to be an attractive choice.

Q. Will Mutual of Omaha Plan F Cover the Cost of my Prescriptions?

A. In a hospital or clinic setting, medications given to you will be covered by Plan B. However, Plan B will not cover retail prescriptions. Nevertheless, supplement plans such as Plan B can help to ease the overall financial burden that may arise with your specific medical needs. For coverage of prescription drugs, it may be in your best interest to look into Part D of Medicare.

Q. Is Mutual of Omaha Plan F the Right Choice for Me?

A. It can be difficult and at times confusing to choose a supplement plan that works the best for you. If you travel a lot, frequently visit the doctor, or have other recurrent medical-related needs, Mutual of Omaha Plan B may be a wise choice for you. There are other comparable plans, however, such as Plan G. Our agents can help you decide what Mutual of Omaha Supplement Plan will be best suited to your needs.

Timing is Important

Be sure to enroll in your Medigap plan as soon as you are eligible. If you don’t enroll until after the eligibility period, or switch plans after this timeframe, you likely will face a health exam and a higher monthly premium. Still, you will have a month after you enroll to change your mind, should you come to the conclusion that Plan F isn’t the plan for you.