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NAMSA (National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors)

Why We Qualified For FULL MEMBERSHIP In The National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors, Inc. (NAMSA) — And Why That Matters To YOU!
  1. Your Medicare Insurance sale rep met the requirements and was accorded Full Membership status into NAMSA.

  2. Full Membership status into NAMSA is achieved by completing and passing 2 concentrated courses on Medicare and Medicare Supplement educational information. High ethical standards pertinent to consumer information in the aforementioned 2 crucial areas is the goal of both the member and NAMSA.

  3. As a professional member of NAMSA, your representative displayed a desire to achieve educational goals extending beyond typical standards within the insurance industry.

  4. This proficiency is crucial during a time when Medicare is experiencing substantial changes, and consumers need proper explanations and updates pertaining to existing and continuous changes in Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. Full NAMSA membership demonstrates one’s proficiency in achieving such goals for modern retirees. All Medicare Supplement representatives qualify in these areas for the benefit of their clients.

  5. The membership curriculum includes proficiency and understanding of Medicare “DRGs” and their impact on consumers, Medicare appeals processes, an understanding of Medicare’s $1,000 reward process, an explanation of consumer confusion regarding “Skilled Care” and its relationship to long-term care, and an understanding of the Home Health Care benefits of Medicare.

  6. Changes to Medicare, Medicare Supplement offerings, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Part D (Rx drugs) benefits necessitate a comprehensive understanding on the part of Medicare recipients. To meet this need for these recipients is the objective of all representatives, as well as NAMSA.

  7. Medicare is the biggest insurance plan in the USA. Therefore, everyone taking part in Medicare must stay educated on the effects the program has on ALL of America, including enrollees, along with everyone potentially impacted.

  8. Medicare continues to grow, and with the advent of the “boomer” generation, enrollees and their sales reps, have to remain as up-to-date as possible with current information pertaining to Medicare, Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. One of NAMSA’s goals is to provide representatives with the most up-to-date information, so in turn; they can pass this along onto their clients.

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