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National General Plan F, G, N: Which Ones for You?

national general plan n
National General Plan N

While reviewing all your options when it comes to your health insurance through Medicare, you may feel limited or like the coverage you need is out of reach.  Simple Medicare won’t begin to cover the basics if you have any certain amount of physician’s visits.  This is why a Medicare supplement policy is necessary.  Choosing the right one for your needs is an important decision to make and one you should not have to make alone.  Between the options of National General Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N, there’s some questions you should answer to determine the best fit for your lifestyle.  We’ll walk you through how each plan can be beneficial in your life specifically.

Some questions you should be asking yourself when you look at Medicare supplements is how much you want to pay out of pocket.  You’ll also want to ask yourself about the severity of any medical concerns.  If you’re anticipating large operations and ongoing treatment, it may be in your best interest to pay a higher premium in order to be better prepared for the out of pocket expenses that come with these treatments as well.


National General Plan F

While this was once the most popular plan, that time is changing.  Plan F, while popular, has adjusted its eligibility so that if the year is your first year being eligible for Medicare, you will not be eligible for National General Plan F.  Don’t be discouraged, there’s another option that’s sure to fit your needs.  Plan F can be considered the most comprehensive coverage in Medicare supplements and exists to create a full proof insurance benefit for your health care needs.  With National General Plan F, you can have access to all the typical Medicare benefits (like Part A deductible, skilled nursing care, hospital care, and hospice care), while also having the luxury of expenses paid such as your Part B coinsurance and Part B deductible.  These kinds of expenses add up and can contribute to long term financial hardship.  With the right premium this plan may be right up your alley.


National General Plan G

National General Plan G may just be considered the “new” Plan F.  It’s raging in popularity and while the premiums for this coverage are normally in the mid-range, the coverages are quite expansive and end up being worth the value.  The National General Plan G option covers nearly all your expenses with the exception of the Part B deductible.  As long as you have covered that (once per year), the Plan G coverage has you covered in a very similar way to that National General Plan F.


National General Plan N

National General Plan N is one of the most affordable supplements available on the market right now.  This plan offers all the general benefits of Medicare supplements just like National General Plan G, but without the Part B deductible.  With the National General Plan N policy, you would be responsible for Plan B deductible

Regardless of what plan you end up choosing, The Health Exchange Agency is happy to help you with identifying the best options that can create for you a health safety net for your future.  Contact us today for the consultation you need to make the right choice.

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