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New Era Medicare Supplement

new era medicare supplement
New Era Medicare Supplement

In your pursuit for the best healthcare options available to you, as a Medicare recipient, it can be perplexing to review all the options and angles.  When it comes to Medicare, you’re limited in some regards as to what can be paid and what is covered under the general policy.  This is why you’re likely looking for some options, also known as supplements.  New Era Medicare Supplement Plans are built with this in mind.  The coverage options for Medicare are expanded upon so that you can have access to plans that are more suitable for your budget and your health care needs.  New Era Life is the provider for all New Era Supplemental plans offered by The Health Exchange Agency.  Because of their longevity and compassion for customers just like you, we recommend New Era Medicare Supplement plans as a perfect addition to your existing Medicare Policy. 


Why choose a New Era Supplemental Plans?

New Era prides themselves on their integrity in business.  Their track record stands up to demonstrate a consistent background of fulfilling the needs of their clients.  It’s also important to remember the following benefits of the New Era Medicare Supplement Plans as well:

  • Excellent Customer Service: whether you’re looking for answers on a specific coverage option or needing to confirm that your visit will be paid for, New Era’s customer service is second to none and has been a reliable resource for all participants in the New Era supplemental plans.
  • Freedom to Choose: With each New Era Medicare Supplement Plan, you have the option to choose the physician that you’re most comfortable with.  With other plans, you may be forced into seeing a physician you’re not acquainted with who doesn’t know your background.  With the New Era option, you’re able to maintain that relationship you have with your doctor.   
  • Part A Coinsurance: As a benefit to the standardized New Era Medicare Supplement plans, you will have the included benefit of Part A coinsurance which pertains to your hospital stay.  Once your Medicare protection for your hospital visit is exhausted, your Medicare supplement plan will kick in and pay for the coverage for up to an additional 365 days.  If this doesn’t bring you peace of mind during a difficult time, what will?
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coverage: Most plans offered by New Era offer coverage for skilled nursing facility care.  While this isn’t always a coverage you anticipate using, it’s surely appreciated if the time comes to need it.  The New Era Supplemental plans can vary so it’s best to discuss this coverage with a counselor to make sure you’re getting the protection you deserve. 


With so many potential options at your fingertips, you can access all the New Era Medicare Supplement plans through The Health Exchange Agency with ease.  We will work to connect you with this reputable and reliable organization that will be able to fulfill the needs of your healthcare desires.  With a simple call today, you can have all the options you’ve been looking for right within your reach. 

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