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New Era Plan F

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With an abundance of options when it comes to your Medicare supplements, it can be a difficult decision to make on your own.  If you’re electing to add on a Medicare coverage supplement, you know that the different carriers and coverages create a mountain of questions that you need answers to.  For Medicare supplement plans, New Era offers standard Medicare supplements that can help you make this decision.  With New Era Plan F, G, and N, you can have the coverages that you’ve been looking for all accessible to you.  To dive deeper on this coverage and learn more, keep reading


New Era Plan N

With the New Era Plan N Medicare supplement, you’re getting most of the standardized coverages with one of the lowest costs available.  If you’re on a budget and also don’t anticipate having any extraordinarily high medical procedures, this coverage may be the best bet for you.  While it still does cover your Medicare Part A coinsurance hospital coverage, it leaves you out for Part B deductible and Part B excess coverages.  These costs can add up so it’s important to take that into consideration when considering your New Era Plan N selection.


New Era Plan G

New Era Plan G is a nearly comprehensive plan that has gained significant popularity in the past few years.  Unlike New Era Plan N, the New Era Plan G is more expansive so that it does cover additional costs less the part B deductible.  That part you are still responsible for.  With New Era Plan G, you can have a more comprehensive coverage for an affordable and competitive rate.


New Era Plan F

The New Era Plan F has been the reigning coverage for years but due to changes made in, is no longer necessarily the front-runner in comprehensive coverages.  The reason for this is that laws put into place have caused the New Era Plan F to be eliminated as an option for new Medicare subscribers.  If the year is the first year of you enrolling in Medicare, it is likely that you are ineligible for the New Era Plan F option.  The good news is that the New Era Plan G option is vastly similar and even more affordable.

With this overview, you can see how some coverages are much more affordable than others and it can be easy to discern that one or two different options may be for you.  Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, contact The Health Exchange Agency.  With our help, it can be easy for you to determine the best fit for your lifestyle and for your healthcare needs.  The bottom line is your wellness.  With the team work of New Era Life and The Health Exchange Agency, you’ll see that your needs are easily met with a balance that fits your budget and bank account.

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