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original medicare Original Medicare is comprised of different Parts. Medicare Part A and Part B are the foundation of Original Medicare.

Original Medicare: The Core of Comprehensive Coverage

Understanding Part A: Hospital Insurance
  • Medicare Part A is your ticket to inpatient hospital care. Think of it as the guardian of your hospital stays, hospice care, and skilled nursing facility care. If you’re admitted to a hospital or nursing facility, Part A steps in to cover the costs.
Decoding Part B: Medical Insurance
  • Medicare Part B is your gateway to outpatient care. It’s the backbone of your medical services, covering doctor visits, preventive care, and outpatient procedures. Part B ensures that your healthcare extends beyond the hospital, promoting overall well-being.
How They Work Together: A Seamless Duo
  • Part A and Part B complement each other to form a seamless healthcare experience. While Part A focuses on inpatient care, Part B steps in for outpatient services. Together, they create a comprehensive safety net, ensuring you’re covered whether you’re in a hospital or visiting your doctor.
The Flexibility You Deserve: Freedom to Choose Providers
  • With Original Medicare, you have the freedom to choose your healthcare providers. There are no network restrictions, allowing you to select the doctors and specialists who best align with your healthcare needs.
Enrolling in Original Medicare: A Vital Step
  • Most individuals become eligible for Original Medicare when they turn 65. The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is your opportunity to enroll and ensure seamless healthcare coverage as you enter this new phase of life.
Beyond 65: Understanding Additional Enrollment Periods
  • If you miss your Initial Enrollment Period, don’t worry. There are other enrollment periods, like the General Enrollment Period and Special Enrollment Periods, to ensure you can join or make changes to your coverage.

Why Choose the Health Exchange Agency for Your Original Medicare Journey?

Expert Guidance for a Seamless Start:
  • Our team of seasoned advisors specializes in providing personalized guidance as you embark on your Original Medicare journey. We’ll walk you through the enrollment process and ensure you understand every aspect of your coverage.
Clear and Transparent Information:
  • We believe in clarity when it comes to healthcare choices. Expect transparent information about Original Medicare, ensuring you’re empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
Ongoing Support Throughout Your Healthcare Journey:
  • Choosing Original Medicare is just the beginning. Our commitment extends beyond enrollment, providing ongoing support as you explore options, adjust your coverage, or need assistance with the healthcare landscape.

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