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United American Plan F

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United American Plan N

Making a decision about which United American plan is best fit for your healthcare needs is a very heavy decision that takes a great deal of time and attention.  United American has been offering Medicare supplements since 1966.  With a long-standing record of stability, it’s easy to see why they’re a clear front runner in terms of offerings for your Medicare supplement plan.  A few plans offered by United American may be of interest to you.  To help you better decide which of the options to choose from, we’ve created a helpful reference.


United American Plan N

United American Plan N may be for you if you’re looking for a low cost coverage that still helps out with some major expenses.  This plan may be a good option if you have a relatively low risk of critical health issues and are scheduling mostly routine visits and not ongoing treatments or procedures.  While with United American Plan N, you do have a $20 co pay for doctor’s office visits and a $50 copay for emergency room visits, this can add up if you’re going frequently enough.  It’s important to remember that United American Plan N still covers a number of standard benefits which include the Part A Medicare Coinsurance and hospital expenses as well as the Part B coinsurance or co-pay costs.  These and the skilled nursing coverages can help out long term in the event that an emergency does arise.


United American Plan G

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive plan, United American Plan G may be for you.  This option is great for expansive coverage which provides nearly “full” protection without a high cost.  United American Plan G is fit if you are looking to seek treatment or care without any co-pays or deductibles.  With this plan you can avoid the $20 copays and visit your physician without expenses out of pocket.  This also includes all the same benefits as Plan N plus it covers the Part B excess charges.  United American Plan G does not include the Part B deductible so that is one expense that you will want to consider before agreeing to this option.


United American Plan F

The United American Plan F is the most popular coverage plan for many individuals looking for a full comprehensive package with all the protection.  The reason fro this is that The United American Plan F extends far and wide to ensure that you don’t have to pay out anything from your pockets any time you visit a doctor’s office.  Even more so than Plan G, Plan F includes all the imaginable coverages including hospice care and the Part B deductible as well as Part B excess charges.  If United American Plan F sounds like it’s the crème de le crème, it’s because it is.  This coverage is one of the higher premium coverage options but because it has so many versatile coverage options, it’s worth the price for many.

Regardless of which coverage you’re looking for, The Health Exchange Agency has you covered.  With one call, we can start you on one of the United American Plans today to save you money for now and for the future.

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