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What is Medicare Plan F?

Medicare Plan F is one of gold medal of Medicare supplement plans.   While it can be an expensive supplement, it takes care of costs and deductibles extensively which could save you thousands.   This comprehensive plan does not replace your existing Medicare Part A and Plan B plans but works with them to create a well-rounded profile of coverages for you or your spouse.   With the coverages combined, it’s nearly impossible for you to end up paying out of pocket for medical expenses during an upcoming procedure or doctor’s visit.

The benefits are very expansive and include a great deal of coverage in addition to what’s currently offered through Medicare Part A or B.   With those coverages in line, Plan F pays the tab for blood work, deductibles (for Parts A & B), and even the excess charges for Part B.   There’s a reason that this plan has been the top pick for those already enrolled in Medicare.   It essentially covers the out of pocket cost that you were likely to pay under your Medicare Part B plan.   Instead of paying your deductible, you generally walk out of the doctor’s office with nothing paid at all.   Sounds too good? It may be now.

As of January 1, 2020, the Plan F is no longer available for new candidates.   Those who have been enrolled do have access to Plan F through their existing carrier and still maintain the option to change providers should they decide to do so.   If you already have an existing Plan F, there is no threat to your existing coverages outside of the regular parameters that stop insurance coverage due to non-payment or requested cancellation.   Your options to elect for a new carrier for your Plan F policy is still within your ability.

With the changes being made it can be disappointing as the Plan F was so popular amid the community.   For those who will maintain their coverage, they still have the existing benefits that have been provided in the past.   These include their ability to self-refer and choose whichever physician they prefer.   With those things in mind, it may continue to be the perfect plan for you.

While you may be nervous to change providers for your Plan F coverage, there’s no need to be concerned with the changes to your plan.   All Plan F policies cover the same benefits and will allow you eligibility as long as you keep your existing Plan F policy in tact until the new one is created.   The benefits through this plan if you are already enlisted can be discussed directly with an agent at The Health Exchange Agency.   Speaking with a professional about the benefits for you or your spouse will allow you to find the best plan for you.

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