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What Is Plan N?

Plan N is a Medicare Supplement that has lower premiums than Plan G but still provides comprehensive coverage and financial protection.  If you’re seeking a plan that strikes the perfect balance between comprehensive benefits and cost-effectiveness, Plan N is the perfect plan.

Unlocking the Wonders of Plan N: Your Intelligent Healthcare Solution

Comprehensive Coverage with Savings:
  • Plan N combines robust coverage with financial prudence. It acts as your safeguard against the gaps in Original Medicare, ensuring you receive quality healthcare without breaking the bank.
Low Premiums, High Value:
  • Picture a plan with affordable monthly premiums that doesn’t compromise on coverage. That’s Plan N for you. It’s the smart choice for individuals who appreciate the value of comprehensive benefits without the hefty price tag.
Predictable Out-of-Pocket Costs:
  • Say goodbye to uncertainty. With Plan N, you get the assurance of predictable out-of-pocket costs. It’s like having a healthcare budget that you can plan around, offering financial peace of mind. 
Plan N Coverage
  • Plan N Covers all the Part A and Part B deductibles and Coinsurance except the annual Part B deductible, just like Plan G does. However, with Plan N you have a little more cost-sharing in the form of two small copays. There is a $20 Copay for Doctor consultations and there is a $50 Copay for the Emergency room. However, If you visit the emergency room and you are admitted to the hospital,  the copay is waived.  Plan N also does not cover Part B excess charges but those a very rare. With Plan N, you’re not just covered; you’re shielded from the most common and significant out-of-pocket expenses.
Emergency Coverage for Foreign Travel:
  • Your adventures shouldn’t be limited by borders. Plan N extends its coverage to overseas travel emergencies, ensuring you’re protected even when you’re exploring beyond U.S. shores.

Why Choose the Health Exchange Agency for Your Plan N Journey?

Personalized Guidance for Informed Decisions:
  • Your healthcare needs are unique, and our team of seasoned advisors is here to provide personalized guidance. We delve into your health goals to craft a Plan N solution that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.
Transparent and Clear Information:
  • We believe in clarity when it comes to healthcare choices. Expect transparent information about Plan N, ensuring you’re empowered with the knowledge to make informed and confident decisions.
Ongoing Support Throughout Your Healthcare Journey:
  • Choosing Plan N is a journey, and we’re committed to providing ongoing support. Whether you’re exploring options, adjusting your coverage, or need assistance with the enrollment process, we’re here for you.
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